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The exhibition “Théorie des Règnes Sensibles” at Hôtel Sokhamon during the Dakar Biennial in May 2016.

A joint artistic experience between Antoine Tempé and leather crafters partners MIS Wude (Cécile and Mbor Ndiaye), Théorie des Règnes Sensibles gets its inspiration from the results of research by the schooner Tara Expédition which has been studying planktonic life, its evolution and its impact on the earth system. In the site specific installation at Hôtel Sokhamon in Dakar, the big blue would traverse the exhibition; you were reminded every minute that the ocean is the makeup of the city. This collaboration also find its roots in the traditions of the urban ecosystem, and its paradigm in the maritime biodiversity which envelops the city like a jewel case.

The various breast ornaments created by MIS Wude’s workshop project us into a form of speculative biology : “We are symbioses and it is this dimension which we intend to show in our approach of various materials, be they leather, photography or video. In this series, Antoine Tempé is chasing an unexpected or even accidental image, at the intersection of movement, time, body and dress, a kind of hybridation between these various forms, which attempts to magnify them all.