Antoine Tempé’s video installation ‘Débris de Justice’ at grande halle de la Villette in Paris.

Antoine Tempé’s video installation ‘Débris de Justice [The ruin of Law]‘ is on view at Grande Halle de la Villette until May 28, as part of the exhibition Afriques Capitales.

Designed as a slide show, Antoine Tempé’s Débris de Justice [The ruin of Law]” is a video installation of a series of photographs taken inside the dilapidated former Hall of Justice of the city of Dakar, at the beginning of 2016.  In a state of total abandonment at the time, with mounds of archives covering its floors, the old Hall of Justice has since then been cleaned up and “sanitized” in order to house the international exhibition of the 2016 Dakar Biennial.

In this series which hangs between a testimonial piece and a plea, the cracked walls, the abandoned objects, the floors strewn with legal documents lost forever, bring the evocation of a justice in pieces, of erased lives, in a post-cataclysmic landscape which is nonetheless consumed with a surreal beauty.

“Débris de Justice” is shown as part of the second edition of La Villette’s multidisciplinary festival 100%, which is this year dedicated to Africa. On this occasion La Villette presenst in its “grande halle” the exhibition “Afriques Capitales“, devoted to Africa’s large cities.

Curated by Simon Njami, Afriques Capitales is an opportunity to discover the contemporary African art scene through all media; painting, photography, installation, sculpture, sound… Bringing together around sixty artists of all generations, Afriques Capitales showcases more than ten productions conceived especially for the occasion, among which several monumental works. Many artists are being exhibited in France for the first time.

Antoine Tempé’s “Débris de Justice” was exhibited for the first time at Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Dakar in May 2016.

Public concourse, former Hall of Justice, Dakar

Practical information :

« Afriques Capitales »
Grande Halle de La Villette
Parc de La Villette
75019 Paris 19

3 euros (-26 ans)
5 euros (reduced)
8 euros (full)

Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 8 pm


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