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Antoine Tempé’s exhibition «FACES [NEW WORKS]» at La Rotonde des Arts Contemporains in Abidjan in March-April 2014.

Antoine Tempé’s exhibition «Face-à-Faces» was first shown at La Rotonde des Arts Contemporains in Abidjan in March 2014, on the occasion of Marché des Arts du Spectacle Africain (MASA 2014). These images, Tempé’s latest portraits of artists and personalities from the Continent’s cultural scenes, are both in the continuity of the artist’s previous black and white body of work “Faces of Africa”, but also departing from it through a carefully crafted treatment of color and streamlining of the models’ surroundings, which create a virtual face to face with his subjects. Sixteen very large format pigment prints on canvas were shown as part of the exhibition «Juste un Bonjour» shared with the Malien visual artist Abdoulaye Konaté and the Burkinabè sculptor Siriki Ky.  This body of work was also presented under the title «Face-à-Faces » by Fondation Donwahi in Abidjan International Airport’s Salon Prestige from July to September 2015.  Coming up in May 2017, a dozen images from the series will be presented by (S)ITOR at the 1:54 Art Fair in New York.


  installation views

  selected works