Dakar AFTU buses getting ready for the “bus launch” in front of the old Palais de Justice during the opening ceremony of the Dakar Biennale in May 2016.

“Waa Dakar” — people of Dakar in Wolof — is a series of portraits of the numerous professions which enliven the streets of Dakar. At a time when the urban space is modernizing at a fast pace, these professions are progressively disappearing from the cityscape. Waa Dakar aims to pay homage to these women and men and to bear witness to the history of a city.

As a work in progress, the exhibition premiered at the Dakar Biennale in May of 2016. It consisted of very large prints affixed to the back of city buses which criss-crossed the city for the whole month of the biennial. For the photographer this was  a way to return this portrait of city to its inhabitants, to its main protagonists; the principal visitors of this exhibition would be its subjects.  Part of the series was also presented a Addis Foto Fest in Addis Ababa in December of 2016.